I am Anna, a freelance multidisciplinary designer, focusing on UX/UI design. I love design, communication with, communication of messages, ideas and values that make the user’s life a bit more fun, meaningful and easy.

How would you describe your personality and communication skills?

I am a good listener, I don’t like to impose my vision and expertise, I rather prefer matching them with context and reality. My approach is purely intellectual and I believe in working ethos and a fun creative and working process.

I am a designer with 15+ years of experience, based in London, Sofia, Bulgaria, and I work primarily on a remote basis.

In communication and collaboration I trust. It is in the beginning of the design process. UX design starts with defining the main concept, goal, points of interaction and environment settings. 

What is your expertise?

Digital design is the bridge between the initial idea/concept and final implementation and production. I can successfully participate in setting the main UX workflow and user roles, creating low-fi as well as hi-fi comps and further providing the necessary HTML/CSS responsive code to make sure it all works well. I also believe the visual QA on a regular basis is needed once the development and implementation have started. 

Which project you are most proud of?

I am most proud with every next project I take. Since every project is a separate universe with its own center of semantic gravitation and focus, from startup projects to multi-level managed corporate ones, all have their specific challenges and sleepless nights. A good job which can make one feel proud is a timely one, with quick turnarounds of adequate aesthetics and solid logic behind each designer's choice.